A Step-By-Step Guide To Encapsulator

Whether you have intended to read this blog, found your way here with a touch of curiosity, or just happened to stumble upon us - our team at Encapsulator would first like to say - it’s so great to have you here!

We wouldn’t want to take up too much of your beautiful day, so let’s get straight to what we have for you today.

A long over-due step-by-step guide on how to use Encapsulator and create your first, exciting time capsule.

3 Things you need before you record your time capsule video

1. Choose a perfect time and day to record your time capsule video.

Whether it is a lazy Sunday morning with your shot of coffee on the table or a productive weekday to take advantage of the momentum - your choice!

2. Some alone time and privacy.

It’s important that you allow yourself all the space you need to make the most of this experience. Even if you are an extrovert, friendly, and comfortable person around strangers or buddies - take some time off to focus on the real you this time.

3. An open mind and a kind heart.

We encourage you to let loose and go easy on yourself. Cut yourself some slack, open up, and be kind to yourself - you deserve it.

Let’s get cracking.

Step 1:

Open your Chrome or Firefox browser on ideally on your laptop or desktop. Sign up, if you haven’t already.

Step 2:

Fill out your details

Step 3:

Choose a preferred subscription plan - monthly or yearly.

Step 4:

Once you have subscribed, you can now go ahead and log in to your new Encapsulator account with your email address and password.

Step 5:

Head to the Capsule Templates page to choose from our selection of pre-determined digital time capsule templates, if you don’t know where to begin. Click Use Capsule on the desired template and hit okay to confirm that you want to use that particular template.

When you choose any of the given templates, you will be redirected to the page My Time Capsules.

Step 6:

Click the desired time capsule that you would like to proceed with, on the page - My Time Capsules.

Step 7:

Here, you can edit the name of the Capsule and the description.


On the other hand, if you would like to create your own customised capsule type, you may scroll down on the Capsule Templates page and click “Create Capsule Type.”

When you create your own Capsule Type, you may name your new capsule and add a description for your personal reference.

Step 8:

This is the most critical step - lock your digital time capsule for a preferred date.

Step 9:

You may proceed with the existing item or delete the sample item and create a new one. Click “Add New Video” and wait for a few seconds for the recorder to launch on the same screen.

Go ahead and start recording a video.

DID YOU KNOW: You also have an option to add a new image, attach a file, or a new text document apart from a video.

Step 10:

Click “Done” to stop recording.

Step 11:

Click “Save” to save the video. Then click “Ok” to the prompt > You won’t be able to see the item after the content is added since the capsule is locked.

Step 12:

Your time capsule is successfully uploaded, saved, and disappears into our secure time vault. Go about your day, live your beautiful life, and continue to grow. When it’s time, you can view your recorded video to reflect on the bygone days.

A little nudge and push for you first-timers - we’re here for you!

We understand that this might be a new experience for you - there’s no reason to fret!

If you are feeling nervous or wondering what to talk about, maybe our promising list of prompt questions could help you get started.

Take a look right here: https://encapsulator.io/blog/prompt-questions

What’s on your mind?

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Head over to our carefully drafted FAQ section and we hope you get the answers you are looking for.

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