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Saying your hopes, dreams and future aspirations out loud is a powerful way to keep yourself motivated and accountable. Your Digital Time Capsule allows you to record in private videos messages of hope and motivation to the future you 🎥

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Remember! No one’s listening but you! So speak freely, you can record as often as you like.

Take note of the following questions, write them down or take a photo 📷 When recording, speak freely. This is private and secure.

Answer these questions in your first video upload 👇

1️⃣ What do you want for personal and professional growth over the next year? What does success look like?

2️⃣ What are your values? (things that you believe are important in the way you live and work)

3️⃣ What don’t you want?

You have ten minutes to respond to each video upload. When your video is complete, just hit the save button. Once uploaded, your video will disappear until the pre-determined date of choice in 12 months’ time. Don’t forget, you can create as many video updates as you like.

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Wishing you an amazing journey of future discovery with a Time Capsule video by Encapsulator.

Team Encapsulator and CBRE