It’s such an honour to watch this guy grow these past 2 years and my absolute pleasure to share how Johnny captured his journey using an Encapsulator Digital Time Capsules 🎥

In this episode Johnny talks about how he felt the recording of his Time Capsule Video was a little confronting at first but after watching his video today he found that he was very proud of himself.

Johnny found that the experience made him want to cry after watching his growth and having some compassion for his former self.

This man is about to become a proud father for the first time and he had no idea what was install for him back in 2018 when he created his video message to his future self 🤗

They said to me in my early days “Danny if you made a list of all the things you would want in 5 years time, you would be ripping yourself off” you remind me of this expression brother. Thank you for sharing it with us!