How To Completely Overhaul Your Life With Better Decisions And Impactful Choices

“Understand that the right to choose your own path is a sacred privilege. Use it. Dwell in possibility.” – Oprah Winfrey

In this blog, I hope to stir up a dialogue about this very “sacred privilege” that many of us often take all too lightly -

Choice, freedom, and freedom of choice 🤗

Think about this… how many choices do you make in a day?

DID YOU KNOW: Every adult human being makes around 35,000 decisions every day (what!) and around 226.7 decisions just on food!

Well, okay, that’s a lot of decisions to make, and no doubt, you cannot get it a hundred percent right.

Granted we all deserve some leeway, some space to make mistakes, and learn from it all - each choice comes with positive and negative consequences.

Something as simple as -

“I’m just going to randomly vote for this person, I have no idea about any of this” or

“I couldn’t handle the pressure at my job anymore so I quit without a second thought”

… could not only turn out in so many ways but also impact those around you positively or negatively, with or without you intending it.

The 5 Things You Should Do To Prevent Regrets and Mishaps

You may or may not already be following or practicing some of these tips I wish to share with you today, but I do hope these are insightful and make you think -

1️⃣ Before you make a big decision, give it time and maybe even sleep on it.

2️⃣ Map out who exactly this decision will impact and how. You certainly won’t know it all, but a guesstimate is as good as it can get!

3️⃣ Ask for suggestions and valuable advice. It’s always a good idea to have a new perspective and see things in a different light. Sometimes, you can do it on your own, but when you feel lost - seek help!

4️⃣ Be realistic and pragmatic, rather than overly optimistic.

5️⃣ Steer clear of impulsivity, wild, and thoughtless actions, and decision-making. Even when you just can’t seem to stop yourself, well, find a way to stop yourself!

The Most Impactful Choices In My Life: Positive vs Negative

Here are the biggest decisions or choices I made that turned my life around, for the worse -

1️⃣ I had my first cigarette when I was 14 years old

2️⃣ At 14, I got drunk and stoned

3️⃣ I did not once think about my life, my son, mum, or the rest of my family

On the flip side, these were the choices I made that breathed life back into me -

1️⃣ I went to rehab at Glebe House

2️⃣ Recorded a video message to my future self for my 10-year sobriety milestone

3️⃣ I put recovery and family first

We are all absolutely thrilled when we do have the freedom to live life on our own terms, complete control over what we choose to do, and the journey we embark on.

Yet, do we realise the responsibility that comes with this right, freedom, and power?

Do we, at the very least, make an effort to make the right calls and walk the right path not for anyone else’s sake, but for ourselves?

It’s all in your hands.

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