The Lesser-Known Secret To Successful Transformation And Change

Do you know what was most distinguishable in my personal experiences as well as when I was working at Glebe House helping out my clients in recovery?

1️⃣ People can be so angry, mopey, sad, and self-destructive sometimes.

2️⃣ It takes such a long time for us to also admit that we are not in our best shape, form and state of mind.

3️⃣ It often takes much longer to start seeking help.

In contradiction to this, when times are hard, we are never short of inspiration, positivity, or empowerment - but only if we look, welcome, and embrace it in all forms.

The moment we think about wanting help, we are all rather keen on looking to the outside world - sometimes we are granted this from the world, other times we are not.

However, in the process of always looking outward, we often dismiss or even suppress all the signs and messages that come from within.

How often do you tap into yourself and look inward when in dire need? Here’s why you should -

❇️ The next time you think or say this out loud to yourself... “I’m all alone in this journey”... replace your hurtful thoughts about the negativity that surrounds you, with - The realisation of the power, magic, and wonder that lies within yourself.

❇️ For your life to transform, to change forever, and to flower like never before - you need to make the right decisions.

The life-altering moment in my life when I made a decision to live and thrive

Since I was 16 years old, I have experienced it all during my years of addiction - institutions, homelessness, pain, hurt, and misery. I drowned out all of my positive thoughts and even pushed away loved ones who meant to help me.

But I managed to go to rehab and find recovery and here’s something I will always remember - in September 2009, I was around 60 days clean. But one day, I was on a proverbial slippery slope moment when I almost started using again. I had to make the toughest call of my life - to throw it all away for good or take a bus back to rehab.

I chose the latter - and I couldn’t be more thankful that I did.

DID YOU KNOW: I recorded my first video message to myself (AKA the inception of Encapsulator) on 15th September 2015 - this was when I was five years clean and sober.

What you need to do to be the best possible version of YOU

Don’t wait for someone else to say these words to you… It’s important you remind yourself that -

“It’s not always going to be this hard.”

“You’re not always going to be stuck in this time of your life forever.”

“You are going to get through this somehow.”

Do you know why?

THE SECRET: You are the driver of this change. This very change that we all rave about, can happen only if YOU want it, need it, and desire it.

Hope, on its lonesome, can only get you so far. But hope combined with actions taken by you... drives miracles.

What helps me stay in check, in sync, and in control of my destiny

For me, this particular reminder, acknowledgement, a string of hope, and all things positive now stem from within - thanks to my personal time capsule videos.

This is why I really like the idea of my personal time capsules being a way of -

➡️ Getting myself through tough times

➡️ Remembering and cherishing the positive events that are so often forgotten

➡️ Asking my higher (and future) self for support

Take a look below to know what I said to myself in that very video, that was extraordinary and life-changing

Today, I leave you with a powerful thought…

Would you rather go through life, or grow through life?

Are you excited to record your first, time capsule video?

Think about this as your own, private social media platform! It’s no different than recording parts of your life to upload it into IG or Facebook, except, this time - it’s private, just for you to document and track the wholesome journey you are on.

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