Top 5 Ways My First Time Capsule Video Made A Difference In My Life

Do you ever find yourself wondering how far you have come in this crazy thing we call life?

There may be days when you must have felt like life is so great and on some days, things spiral out of control and the going gets tough.

What’s that string of hope you could cling on to? Do you wait for that one conversation, a certain someone, or a magical sign from the universe telling you that life is going to get better, hang in there, and all you need to do is stay courageous?

Here’s what I believe - You can be your own messenger.

Why wait for a sign from the world when you could be the very source of push and motivation you seek?

Today, and in this blog, I’d like to share my story with you and some of the ways in which my very first time capsule video changed the way I thought about self-love.

1️⃣. I was already five years abstinent from drugs the first time I watched (around three and a half years after I recorded) my very first time capsule video. Do you know what I noticed and felt?

❇️ I looked a bit different, or shall I say, a tad bit younger

❇️ I remembered that I was on a weight-loss journey at the time

❇️ Yet, my face was quite fat and I had a big head too. Hahaha

❇️ For the longest time I had turned off my feelings and never talked openly

❇️ I have been more sensitive and emotional as a person ever since I joined recovery

❇️ I got immensely emotional and overcome by nostalgia while watching the video

❇️ I talked about things that I had never verbalised before

Hearing myself speak gave me goosebumps, and I always emphasise this particular realisation:

I thought I accurately remembered what I had said in the video, but it was quite different from what I had thought.

2️⃣. As a recovering addict, my journey with Encapsulator began in an effort to share my very own personal stories of addiction to empower and educate others about the social and emotional impacts of addiction. The very fact that I could be honest with myself, pushed me to own up to my journey and progress and help others do the same.

3️⃣. While I was working at a rehabilitation center helping recovering addicts, I thought I could give this wonderful tool to the other men coming to our service, to help them measure their growth over time. I wished to capture what it was like for them when they first entered our treatment center - something I really missed out on for myself.

DID YOU KNOW: Over the last few years, we have captured over a hundred client videos of men coming through our service. At our own confidential office space, I give them a short spiel to try and drop their ego, that nobody else is going to see this, and that this is a message to your future self - unless you choose to share it with people.

4️⃣. Especially in the case of personal development, when one enters drug and alcohol recovery, there's a massive amount of growth and change that could be monitored and tracked more effectively. It was a life-altering moment for me to watch my video, and I believed it would be a much-deserved breakthrough for many others.

5️⃣. It’s almost like a virtual counseling session, but in this case, it comes from YOU. I cherished the opportunity to express myself without any fear of judgement and given the world we live in as well as the journey I have been through, this was particularly valuable for me. Think about it… even if you are in a counselling session with the best psychologist in the world, there’s always a chance you will wear a mask and step under a facade. It’s scary to think that the person sitting across from you could know your deepest and darkest thoughts, and you often don’t feel confident enough to disclose everything.

That was the biggest point of difference for me - with this exercise, it was just me talking to me, open, and without apprehension.

Are you excited to record your first time capsule video?

Think about this as your own, private social media platform! It’s no different than recording parts of your life to upload it into IG or Facebook, except, this time - it’s private, just for you to view and track your journey (whatever awesome journey you are on).

Some things are meant just for you, not for the whole world.

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