Encapsulator is an innovative recovery tool created by a recovering addict, for other addicts. Encapsulator’s creator has himself accrued over a decade of recovery. He is employed in the rehabilitation field as a professional and is personally dedicated to the concept of helping others to successfully access recovery, and turn their lives around.

Encapsulator’s mission is stated as: “To help keep individuals accountable so they can break free of destructive life patterns and achieve their full potential.”

It sounds so simple,

yet anyone who has chosen to tread the path to recovery will tell you it’s a far more complicated process than they could ever have understood at its inception. There is so much more involved in living a healthy and happy life and working a recovery program than simply putting the drugs down – which is where Encapsulator can be an invaluable tool.

Any recovering addict will tell you that remembering what active addiction was really like gets harder the further we move away from it. Encapsulator allows the client embarking on the journey to wellness, an opportunity to record a short video of themselves exactly as they are when they first attempt to find recovery: the anger, the fear, the overt hostility, the secrecy and the blaming of anyone and everything that brought them to this point.

Encapsulator allows the clients to set personal goals, they are invited to identify potential barriers or obstacles to achieving these goals and this helps clients to overcome them.

This, sometimes painful, sometimes hopeful, initial video is then locked away for a nominated period of time. Feedback from over 200 clients also suggests that this private and first video upload is a therapeutic and loving process that has only been described as unique and unusual, giving the client an opportunity to completely express themselves without any fear of judgment, possibly for the first time ever, it has been described by many as being something similar to prayer.

Then, at specified points along the path to recovery, the client is encouraged to repeat the experience, thereby gradually creating a record of the journey.

Celebrating milestones throughout recovery is also important. Being able to actually see the growth after a year, or five years, or longer, is invaluable in encouraging the recovering client to continue. Steps like finishing rehab, returning to paid employment, getting an education, starting a family or buying a brand-new car can be recorded, thus keeping the excitement and joy of creating a new life alive and vibrant.

Getting started with Encapsulator is simple:

❇️ Download, or access, google chrome.

❇️ Open your Encapsulator account.

❇️ Select record and make your first video.

❇️ Nominate a period of time to lock it away.

❇️ Record, lock, document and reflect along your journey.

A list of suggested questions/topics is provided to guide the client in making a video that will be of the most value in a therapeutic setting.

Encapsulator does not require the client to supply any information other than an email address. It’s important to add that a completed time capsule cannot be accessed by anyone other than the client, or with the client’s knowledge and permission.

Clients at Wesley Hospital and Glebe House as well as many private individuals in recovery are already using Encapsulator. We also have an application within the corporate sector with CBRE, one of the largest property development organizations in the world.

Some testimonials to its value follow. We invite you to create your own success stories by joining us…

“I created a time capsule video back in June 2016, and I thought it would be interesting to look back on in the future. I recently received an email telling me my time capsule had hatched and was ready to be viewed. I wouldn’t have guessed that I would feel this way about the process. I would definitely recommend this to anyone. It’s a 10/10 for me, a no brainer.” Leigh

“When I recorded my time capsule video, I felt a strange feeling come over me and I’m not even sure how to describe it, but it was a good feeling. Almost like I had accomplished my goals just by voicing them out loud. This is such a wonderful product. I definitely recommend this to my friends and family.” Jane

“The counsellor at my rehab asked me if I wanted to create a video time capsule message to the future me. It seemed like a brilliant idea and it turned out it was. It was like this WOW moment, just realising how far I have come and excited to know how far I can still go.” Joel

“It felt good to openly talk about my emotions – without fear of judgement or expectation.” Anon

“One of the things that really stood out to me as I was doing the video was that quite a few of my answers came back to a real desire for the simpler things in life – specifically, to be happy and feel a sense of joy.” Anon

Please visit our website at www.encapsulator.io for a more detailed description of how to use encapsulator and a full description of this unique product.

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