Congratulations Claude

“Encapsulator was suggested to me by Dr Glen Smith from Wesley Hospital.

I felt really good about expressing what was on my mind at the time, sharing my goals out loud on video to myself made me feel accountable for what I said. 

I have been updating my Digital Time Capsule regularly and I wish there were more options or prompt questions for me to answer. I am loving my Encapsulator and I look forward till it opens in 11 months’ time.”

Claude loves the idea of being able to express his feelings and emotions on video without fear of judgment.

He continues to update his Digital Time Capsule weekly and looking forward to its hatch date in less than 12 months time.

A wonderful way to measure growth and keep himself accountable and motivated to the goals he made.

We wish you a future journey of discovery with a Digital Time Capsule by Encapsulator!