Glebe House Time Capsule Recovery Program

Upon admission to Glebe House, clients are given a brief introduction to Encapsulator, a digital time capsule concept the service has been using for the past 4 years.

Encapsulator allows clients to record a confidential video to themselves, answering a series of questions which are designed as an invitation for self-reflection. As Socrates said: “An unexamined life is a life not worth living.” The time capsule provides an engaging, immediate mechanism for clients to assess their progress in recovery over time. Feedback suggests users feel motivated and validated through their experience using Encapsulator.

Clients are able to set personal goals. They are invited to identify potential barriers or obstacles to achieving these goals and this helps clients to overcome them. They are able to capture on video the essence of who they are today and send loving and hopeful messages to themselves for the future. At a pre-determined time (say, 12 months) clients are able to access their capsule and review their recordings. This enables clients to measure their progress and helps maintain motivation and accountability.

Clients who agree to participate are sent a Time Capsule credit to their email. The message is tailored to Glebe House and adds a powerful, innovative element to the client’s personalised case management plan. The opportunity exists to utilise the clients’ reflections and observations in case management sessions.

At about week one in Glebe House’s residential program, staff coach the client through the process and let them know they have a chance to capture the essence of who they are today and send a video message of love and hope to their future selves. The process is conducted in a private room where our client has access to a computer, in order to access their email and the Encapsulator platform.

Generally, clients make three recordings during their stay at Glebe House, although they have the ability to access the computer to update their time capsule video as often as they wish.

Session 1 / Admission

Glebe House suggest that clients create their first video by responding to prompt questions, which assist and guide the client through their 10 mins video entry. This allows them to set goals and also reflect on their present moment, capturing their hopes, dreams, fears and aspirations on video.

Session 2 / Progress One

At around week 3 of program, clients are encouraged to update their time capsule with our ‘Progress One’ prompt questions. These questions are designed to assist clients to check in with themselves and acknowledge where they are with their goal setting journey. It is a personal (and again confidential) review, which allows them to assess their progress regarding these goals. Perhaps perceptions have shifted, perhaps more effort is required? The individual decides. Feedback indicates that, by the second video, clients are feeling more comfortable to open up, be vulnerable. The ability to express themselves without any fear of judgement has been very valuable to many, according to feedback received. A sense of growth in purpose and self-esteem is often noted.

Session 3 / Exit

Around two weeks before completing the residential component of the program at Glebe House, clients are again encouraged to upload another video update, using the ‘Exit’ prompt questions. These are designed to help clients reflect on their journey over the ten weeks or so that they have been in program and consider where they are at with their recovery. A review of goals set, and progress made can be determined. Clients may wish to add further messages to themselves for the future. It is their time capsule, after all. Feedback suggests that at this point of time, clients are really enjoying the ability to captures their journey on video and look forward to being able to continue documenting their journey as they progress into a brighter future.



Letting go is different for everyone depending on why the separation is occurring. It affects each of us with different emotional states and for different periods of time.

For some it’s letting go of a loved one who has always been by your side, for others it could be breaking free of a trauma bond, releasing a part of yourself that doesn’t bring you happiness or growth anymore or choosing a different path for your life that rids you of an emotional attachment to another, maybe it’s a culmination of all of these.

Regardless of your need to let go or your desire to feel free, the idea of this is never easy but it is a core experience we each face in this lifetime and from this program we reach out a hand to you in the form of video journal and offer you the opportunity to let go in a constructive way and adapt the idea of valuing the memories, appreciating the lessons learnt and understanding that every goodbye can offer you a new beginning.