My Inspiration To Create Encapsulator

4 years ago, I reached a huge milestone in my life.
On the 15/9/2014 I was 5 years Sober. A place I wasn’t sure I could reach.
An important process throughout the recovery journey is to acknowledge milestones and 5
years was, and is, massive.
One day at a time, with a great support network and bag of tools, I was able to achieve what so
many , sadly, cannot.

As I sat in the office behind my desk, the irony of how I had begun my journey washed over
me. I reminisced about how I was sitting on the opposite side of this exact table, as a client, 5
years earlier. I felt a mix of emotions. Emotions, that I had tried to mask for years with many
different substances, vices, and behaviours.
During this reflection; It struck me !

I dont have anything to connect with; regarding what I was like back then, when I entered
treatment, on the 15th September 2009.
I thought to myself… What was I thinking? How was I feeling? Who was I ?
I felt a sense of sadness and grief as I wished I had done something to track, document, and
reflect, on my progress…
This is where my idea to create a digital time capsule came from.

You see, part of my job as a Counsellor and Senior Case Manager at Glebe House, is to assist
people coming through treatment to take a journey back in time and unravel, relearn, and
recreate a healthier version of themselves.
I thought, this “Time Capsule” is a tool I can use to support and motivate the people I am now
working with. Providing them with a unique way to capture themselves and their achievments
with the latest technology.

As part of my studies at university to become a counsellor, I researched and developed a list of
important life questions. I purchased a video camera and printed out 10 of these questions
and then pressed record on the first video of my Digital Time Capsule project.
This was me, recording a message to my future self.

As I began to answer the questions I found the experience to be so valuable. It was not
something I would normally choose to do; sit in front of camera answering questions about
myself, my vulnerabilities, my strengths.
However, in a private and confidential space I was able to speak to myself in that capacity.
I found the experience nurturing, empowering, and humbling. A great source of self-care and
personal development.
I was aware that the ability to express myself without fear of judgement or shame was such a
valuable tool.

A tool, that needed to be shared.