Personal Training Motivation Tool

Digital time capsules

Helping you retain clients, motivate their butts and get better results.

Is this you right now?

✅ You feel constantly frustrated at your clients’ lack of commitment to their fitness goals?

✅ You’re tired of spouting the same motivational speeches that don’t seem to resonate?

✅ You wish they’d see the value they’d get from you, if only they stayed accountable?

✅ You worry that their poor results are a reflection on your ability as a PT?

Imagine if:

🤩 You felt better equipped to help your clients shift their mindset and achieve their fitness

🤩 Your client was able to motivate themselves in a way that actually worked.

🤩 Your client base was full of people who were able to make the most of your knowledge
and skills

🤩 You became well-known for being a PT that helped their client get results


An accountability tool that uses technology to help you help your clients achieve their body

It does this by identifying their goals and objectives and documenting them on video. This is
then safely and securely stored away in the cloud until a chosen date.

Creating a future version of themselves that your client will answer to enables them to
become accountable for their choices and actions.

Countless studies show that accountability is a crucial factor in successfully achieving your

This is for you if:

⭐️ You’re ready to be more than someone that just provides a workout and meal plan.

⭐️ You want to deepen relationships with your existing clients to help them on a
transformational level.

⭐️ It’s time for you to stand out from the oversaturated market of PTs and offer something

⭐️ You want to give your clients the tools to get the best results they can.

By adding Encapsulator to your PT tool bag, you’ll end up with committed clients
that keep seeing results. Leaving you feeling accomplished, energised and more
confident in your ability as a PT.

You’ll become the go-to PT that has the goods to keep clients motivated and
achieving the body they want.

So why trust us?

At Encapsulator we don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk. If anyone can speak to the power
of this tool, it’s us.
10 years ago, our founder Danny, had the mindset of your typical client. He wanted to be fit,
healthy and happy but wasn’t interested in learning how to get there.
Everyone muttered words like consistency, accountability, responsibility. But that sounded
way too hard.

But then he took part in an experiment; identifying his goals, documenting them in a video and putting it away to watch a month down the line.

And something happened…knowing he was going to watch himself talk about his hopes and future achievements pushed him into action. Ultimately, the thought of letting his future-self down was too painful.

That was a decade ago, and he hasn’t looked back.

Are you ready to retain more clients? Teach them how to inspire themselves and get the
transformation they dream of?

It’s time to become known as the PT with the magic ingredient that takes your clients from
‘meh’ to ‘motivated’.



Letting go is different for everyone depending on why the separation is occurring. It affects each of us with different emotional states and for different periods of time.

For some it’s letting go of a loved one who has always been by your side, for others it could be breaking free of a trauma bond, releasing a part of yourself that doesn’t bring you happiness or growth anymore or choosing a different path for your life that rids you of an emotional attachment to another, maybe it’s a culmination of all of these.

Regardless of your need to let go or your desire to feel free, the idea of this is never easy but it is a core experience we each face in this lifetime and from this program we reach out a hand to you in the form of video journal and offer you the opportunity to let go in a constructive way and adapt the idea of valuing the memories, appreciating the lessons learnt and understanding that every goodbye can offer you a new beginning.