A Personal Challenge!

I deal with people going through a journey of some kind. Often they’re getting past an 
addiction. Sometimes they’re just trying to improve their lives with a new (good) habit. But all
of them hit the same block that stops them progressing: motivation.

I mean, sure, when you first make the decision to make a big change in your life – whether it’s
to get clean, lose weight, learn a new skill, take up a new hobby, whatever you want to do – you

But a few months in, things get harder.

That feeling you had when you started isn’t there anymore – it’s been replaced with stress,
nervousness and anxiety.

In fact, the studies show that the period of three to six months out of rehab is when the
highest number of addicts will relapse.

And I’ve found this to be true not just in recovery, but also across any area of self development.

The gym? If you can reach and pass 3 months, you’ll usually be able to stick it out for a lot
Dieting? Same.
Doing a longer program or course? Same again!

So that 3 month marker is critical, but knowing this in advance doesn’t help unless we put a
plan in place.

And that’s where (link: www.encapsulator.io comes in.

When you make a decision to start something new – or whether you’re already working on it –
you can record a video to yourself and “lock” it for at least 3 months. That way, when you’re
reaching that really tough point where you’re most likely to relapse or give up your new
behaviour, the video comes back and gives you that push you need to stay strong.

For me, going to the gym was something that I always thought was important – but could
never really stick to. When I decided to really make it part of my life, I knew there was going to
be a tough period where I was going to want to give it up – so I used encapsulator to help.
That first day, I recorded a video telling myself why I was starting at the gym, how I felt about
myself, and what my future would be like if I kept it up. I locked this in a capsule and set it to
open in three months.

Of course, at the three month mark I was starting to skip gym sessions and not go as much as I
was at the start. Historically, this was the start of the end – I’d usually have given up completely
within the next few weeks.

But when my time capsule unlocked and I got my video, it just inspired me. I got that feeling
back, and it kicked me back into gear.

Of course, I then did the same thing again so I’d get another video in another 3 months, and
I’ve been doing it ever since. Now the gym is part of my life, and I feel great about myself!

So I have a challenge for you: I’d like you to use encapsulator to record a video to yourself in 3
months from today. I’d like you to reflect on your current situation, tell the video your goals,
your hopes, your dreams, and your future aspirations. I’d also like you to record a
congratulatory message if you’ve achieved or are working towards your goals. And also record
an encouraging motivational message if you hadn’t achieved what you were hoping to. Put
that video into a capsule, and lock it for 3 months.

There is an indescribable feeling when you do this. Not only do you feel super motivated
making the video, if you’ve slipped up when you receive it in the future it can make all the
difference in getting you back on track. If you’re struggling, it can give you the inner strength
to keep going. And if you achieved your goal, you will feel like a super star! I recently opened a
video I’d recorded 3 years prior, and it just gave me goosebumps!!

That’s your challenge. Record a video message to the future you.