Record Precious Family Moments

There is no greater joy than having a child.

You are so full of emotions and feelings, it’s overwhelming.

Imagine you were able to record that feeling, and show it to your child when they hit a
milestone birthday. Or maybe when they graduate school.

Or what about if you were to store all of your baby photos securely? In this day of social media
shares, are you able to find all of the photos and videos that matter?

With Encapsulator, you can capture how you felt after their birth, add their newborn photos, record their first steps, attach their birth certificate or picture of their footprints, record your thoughts and feelings about their first day of school, the options are limitless. A digital time capsule lets those thoughts, feelings and images come back at just the right time for the ultimate in nostalgia and fond memories. We invite you to sign up today, and get started preparing your very own time capsule.

We look forward to helping you capture your precious family moments!