How To Use Encapsulator

So you’ve decided to give Encapsulator a shot?


To help make things easier, we’ve put together this blog post to help guide you through the 

The First Steps

Before you do anything, we need to get you set up with an account. You can click the big SIGN
UP button – either in the menu, or on the home page – and fill in your details.

The Sign Up Form

Once you sign up, for security (we take that seriously around here), you’ll need to verify your
email before you can do anything else. You’ll get an email in your inbox, so just click the verify
button in that email and you should be in!

That will take you to the capsule types page, where you can pick a capsule type based on your
intended usage.

We have a range of capsule ideas to get you started

Pick a capsule type (or create your own), and click Buy Capsule. This takes you to a section that
lets you pick how much space you need and how long you want the capsule for. We work in
annual subscriptions, but you can “lock” capsules for as much or as little time as you want in
that period. You also pay on this screen using our secure connection.

Once we process your payment securely with Stripe, you’ll have access to the capsule you
bought. For future reference, you can find it under My Time Capsules on the menu.

This is where things get fun! You can start adding information to your capsule. Simply click the
capsule name to open it. You’ll find it has no items to start with, but that’s where you come in!

You’ll need to give your item a title, pick what type it is (there’s some cool stuff with video that
I’ll explain later), and add the item.

Adding an image to your capsule

You can then pick the file you want to upload from your computer. Please note, while it’s
uploading – don’t close the browser or navigate away because it can cancel the upload.

Once it’s done, you can see the completed file.

Then just keep going for all the files you want to add to the capsule – whether they’re text,
audio, video, more images, whatever.


Video works a little bit differently than other files. I mean yes, you can just upload videos from
your computer if you want to.

BUT we also have the ability to record video directly in Encapsulator, with a nifty feature we
call “prompts.”

You’ll notice prompts when you try to add a video item.

So what are prompts? Well, they’re basically questions that you can have show up while you’re
recording your video. They’re a great way to keep yourself on track and focused on the purpose
of your video. We have personal trainers that set prompts for their clients to see how they’re
going with the program. We have rehab centres that set prompts for their patients to help
keep them on track.

Prompts can be pretty useful (but are completely optional).

You can add prompts by writing in your question (or prompt) and then clicking the add
prompt button. Do this for each prompt you want to have, then click add item once you’re

Once you’ve added the item, where it normally gives you the ability to upload a file, you
should see two buttons – one says PROMPT and the other looks like a little camera.

At this stage you can either upload a pre-existing video, click the camera button to record your
own video, or you can use the prompts menu to record a video while seeing your prompts.

If you do click the prompt menu, you can go through your prompts before you record. When
you’re ready, just click the camera button to bring up the camera (bottom right), and click the
record button to start recording. Then just go through your prompts while talking to the

Sorry, I covered my camera for this pic

Once you hit DONE on your final question, you’ll be able to hit SAVE and start uploading your
video (don’t close the browser or navigate away).

Locking Your Capsule

Once you’ve added all your files, you can click the lock this capsule button to pick when you
want it to reopen, and lock it. We’ll ask you if you’re sure, so lock it when you’re ready and you
are done.

Of course if you need to add anything to a capsule, even if it’s locked, you can by clicking on the
capsule and adding a new capsule item.

Oh and finally – if you ever run out of space in your capsule, you can click the upgrade button to
add more space (or more time).

Have fun!

On behalf of the entire Encapsulator team, I want to thank you for checking us out and hope
you have fun!



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