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One day about 7 years ago I celebrated 6 years clean. I was full of gratitude as I sat in my office working at a rehab centre, I was once the client at.

As I sat there, I began reflecting on my 6-year journey, I thought to myself, I wonder what I was like back then, what was I thinking, how was I feeling?

It was in that moment I came up with this idea to record a video to my future self for my 10-year milestone. With some research on questions, I then started recording, discussing the events that took place in my life and how far I had come but more importantly where I saw myself going.

It was after I finished recording and the feeling of acceptance, gratitude and empowerment led into a vision of something even bigger than me. It was in this moment and through dedication and support of others that I formed Encapsulator. A video journaling program designed to help you talk it out, stay on track and plan your future. If I can do it, you can too.

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A story of survival
In Peter’s words:

“I have no doubt that if it wasn’t for Danny, his kindness and the Encapsulator programs I was introduced to because of him, I would most likely not be here.”

Peter uses Encapsulator daily to support his obsessive compulsive disorder, depression and manic episodes.
In his words the programs support him to talk about his feelings on camera in the privacy of his own home. Peter said the Encapsulator gratitude program among others supported him to find himself through the reflective questions he was asked in each program.
It helped ground him, find his truth, support his growth and plan a future filled with goals, aspiration and control.


A story of determination and courage
In Jordan’s words:

“I keep having light bulb moments, and realizing a lot of my trauma is coming from my disability and I now have a safe space to process through this and accept my disability”

Jordan is using the Encapsulator programs daily to support her sobriety from a recent drug addiction, grief and daily struggles.
In her words the programs support her to improve her confidence as she speaks through her difficulties in the privacy of her own home. With the question prompts Encapsulator has attached to each program she is able to sift through her traumas and further develop her self awareness, future aspirations and growth.


A story of hope
In John’s words:

“Addiction was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to overcome and I never want to go back, I’ve got a lot to live for now”

John works within the Encapsulator programs regularly to support his sobriety from a drug addiction that lasted years.
In his words he started the Encapsulator programs after his third time of being in prison and through his rehab and release.
The programs support him to stay on top of his recovery, plan future goals, keep his word to his family and to continue a life filled with positivity and growth.


Check out what's happening


The dictionary describes ‘Manifestation’ as the idea to create something or turn something from an idea into a reality.

The Visualisation & Manifestation program has been designed with reflective questions to help guide you through the best ways to manifest your desires by visualizing them as already being accomplished.

Imagine what it would feel like to have your desires come true, and work on portraying this image in as much detail as possible.


Everything that has led up to this moment in your life has contributed to the person you are today. The people we meet, the connections we make, those we lose, the emotions we feel and the trauma and triumphs we hold are all a necessary part of life and when we look back acknowledging that in all it’s glory, it can be wildly satisfying and at times extremely uncomfortable.

This too could be said about our future. As you know, no one knows what the future could hold and that can be both uncomfortable in the unknown but also wildly satisfying to look out and see so much potential.

Imagine yourself standing in an open space, knowing it’s yours and you can take any direction you see fit. How does this make you feel?

The video to my future self program provokes these very emotions. Attached to a time capsule you can open up and share in a video format, lock it away for a future time and see just how far you’ve come.

Through reflective questions this program is all about you. It’s the one place where you write the storyline, no one knows what the future could hold but more importantly no one knows what your future will hold.

So, what do you see?


One of my most valuable tools I have learned along my journey of recovery is my daily inventory.

I refer to this daily inventory as my check up from the neck up. This tool assists me to check in with my behaviour and identify the positive things i have done for the day along with anything I may want to do better tomorrow.

It has been said that when we focus on our assets we strangle our defects, so I use this tool every single evening just before I go to bed.

Have you pulled apart your daily inventory, have you had a check up from the neck up lately?

Respond to the following questions daily to stay on track!


Letting go is different for everyone depending on why the separation is occurring. It affects each of us with different emotional states and for different periods of time.

For some it’s letting go of a loved one who has always been by your side, for others it could be breaking free of a trauma bond, releasing a part of yourself that doesn’t bring you happiness or growth anymore or choosing a different path for your life that rids you of an emotional attachment to another, maybe it’s a culmination of all of these.

Regardless of your need to let go or your desire to feel free, the idea of this is never easy but it is a core experience we each face in this lifetime and from this program we reach out a hand to you in the form of video journal and offer you the opportunity to let go in a constructive way and adapt the idea of valuing the memories, appreciating the lessons learnt and understanding that every goodbye can offer you a new beginning.