How To Use Encapsulator

Before you do anything, we need to get you set up with an account. You can click the big SIGN UP button – either in the menu, or on the home page – and fill in your details. Once you sign up, for security (we take that seriously around here), you’ll need to verify your…

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Glebe House Time Capsule Recovery Program

Upon admission to Glebe House, clients are given a brief introduction to Encapsulator, a digital time capsule concept the service has been using for the past 4 years. Encapsulator allows clients to assess their progress in recovery over time…

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We Are So Happy For You Sara

When was the last time you sat down to reflect on your present moment and verbalise; ✅ Your goals ✅ Your hopes ✅ Your dreams ✅ Your future aspirations Allow yourself to be vulnerable and express yourself free from judgement ? Create yourself…

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Letting go is different for everyone depending on why the separation is occurring. It affects each of us with different emotional states and for different periods of time.

For some it’s letting go of a loved one who has always been by your side, for others it could be breaking free of a trauma bond, releasing a part of yourself that doesn’t bring you happiness or growth anymore or choosing a different path for your life that rids you of an emotional attachment to another, maybe it’s a culmination of all of these.

Regardless of your need to let go or your desire to feel free, the idea of this is never easy but it is a core experience we each face in this lifetime and from this program we reach out a hand to you in the form of video journal and offer you the opportunity to let go in a constructive way and adapt the idea of valuing the memories, appreciating the lessons learnt and understanding that every goodbye can offer you a new beginning.