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Capture the essence of who you are today and deliver it to your future-self or loved one's.
Share love, send hope and stay on track with the world's first ever Digital Time Capsule.

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Self-reflection is one of the most powerful tools we have as human beings. It allows us to look at who we are, where we’ve been, where we are, and where we’d like to go. It allows us to put our lives in context, seeing past the fog of war (the current state of our lives).
Encapsulator has a workplace mental health program that offers innovative individualized time capsule programs that help us see through the storm, and build, create and visualise hope for the future.

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When we verbalise our goals out loud on video, it is very beneficial. Enabling us to be accountable for our goals and stay motivated. The ability to express yourself without fear of judgement in a confidential space is so valuable. Our Digital Time Capsules allow you Identify, Document, Reflect and Achieve by recording a video message for your future.



The concept for Encapsulator has its roots in addiction recovery. We initially created the program to help recovering addicts at Glebe House to see how far they’ve come, giving them hope for their future and peace of mind in the present.  After seeing the incredible results, we realised we could help so many more people with our programs. 


Our subscription-based programs are time-locked video time capsules that allow individuals to express themselves in the here and now, get clear about what they want their future to look like, and be grateful about the things that are happening in their lives. Encapsulator aims to increase awareness about mental health in the workplace..


Encapsulator offers a stigma-free zone for employees to freely discuss their current feelings and give their future selves some positive self-talk.  We wish to encourage employees to speak out, while giving them the tools to do so. Encapsulator provides safety and a private and secure space for employees to undertake expert-designed Mental Health programs.



Early recovery can be a lonely journey, and after leaving rehab it can feel like you’re on your own.
Our research has shown that sitting down in a confidential space and talking to your future self can help to keep you grounded and provide you with a place you can be honest and focus on self-love.




I love seeing people transform their lives, achieving happiness by reaching their goals and being proud of themselves. Living their lives for the better!



The reason Encapsulator was created is because I wanted to give people a way of capturing what they were like in the early days and compare with who they are today.
Something that I would love to have been able to do earlier.



The applications for a product like this are endless! Ranging from your own personal experiences, children’s timeline’s and memory storing for generations.
To an organisation level in Education, Corporate, Fitness, Health, Employment & Training, Family and Community Services & Personal development.
Your imagination is your only limitation!

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Encapsulator was suggested to me by Dr Glen Smith from Wesley Hospital.
I felt really good about expressing what was on my mind at the time, sharing my goals out loud on video to myself made me feel accountable for what I said. I have been updating my Digital Time Capsule regularly and I

Claude Youssef

As a first-time user, I was really excited to take part in my Time Capsule video
I’m at a bit of a transition period of my life and 2020 has been an absolutely wild year. I’m 36 weeks pregnant – so about to have my first baby and there will certainly be lots of


I wanted to make my time capsule videos, I unfortunately had a few issues that interfered, such as finding the time, then also not being very good with technology as I couldn’t even work out how my camera worked on the laptop. I wanted to do it, I had seen someone else’s Encapsulator and could


I would rather create a video than write in a journal. This is secure and private, I like the idea of seeing myself back then and where I was during this time.I felt a sense of relief after I recorded my first video entry. It’s like I was able to be totally honest and say


I was excited to create my first Time Capsule video, however I realised that I needed to get myself ready before I recorded.I wanted to experience what it would be like and I wanted something that would help me gage my journey.After I recorded my video, I felt a bit embarrassed but I was excited


I used to think that videoing myself was embarrassing, I used to judge myself a lot, but after a bit of practise recently I started to feel more confident. When I recorded my first Time Capsule video, I felt a strange feeling come over me! I am not even sure how to describe it. But


My friend “Danny” asked me to create a time capsule back in June 2106 and I thought it would be interesting to look back on. 4 years later I watched my video! When I viewed the video, I felt like I had grown up a bit, I could notice that I was quite tense and


I thought it would be good participate in this time capsule project to have something to look back on and see how far I have come in 2 years’ time. Yesterday I got to sat down and watch my video it was so nice to see my progress and personal growth, I look so different.


A team member asked if I want to participate in a little project that they had been running for the past couple of years, it was a digital time capsule. They sat me down in a room with a video camera and a piece of paper with questions and told me to relax and enjoy